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Duis blandit tristique augue, et dignissim

Duis blandit tristique augue, et dignissim

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Zandra Gowrie
Monday 18th January 2021
Hi Let’s face it… Sending out emails is fun – as long as you keep getting responses… (But before I get into the details of how you can get more replies, let me tell you a little secret) You might have heard about Abraham Lincoln’s sharpening an axe before chopping a tree quote? If not, here it is… He said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Now, how does it apply to you and the way you reach out to people? Well, no matter how good you think your email is – no one will open it if its subject line is not enticing enough… It won’t matter if your email brings a lot of value – if the recipient doesn’t open it in the first place… This is where the whole ‘sharpening the axe’ theory steps in… So, if you’re sending out multiple emails in a day and not getting any responses, there’s a chance that your emails are not being opened… Coming back to how you can get more replies… Over these years, I’ve tried and tested multiple subject lines and identified what makes people tick… To help you out and send the elevator back, I’ve put all of them together in a done for you, fill in the blank free resource so that you can use them whenever you want… Follow this link to get access to this free resource and sharpen the axe to get responses like never before!

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